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(edited to add link to an example of this tracker I uploaded to Flickr - I can't figure out how to put it into the post - sorry) 

Firstly - didn't log again last night.  I'm wondering if this is just not a thing I need to worry myself about right now.  Will think about it....

I worked hard, and I created a Weight/Goal Tracker chart.  I don't know how to show a picture of it here, so I will just describe it.  There are 6 columns and 30 rows (I ignored the last day of the months with 31 days for simplicity) and there are two months on each sheet (next to each other)   

Each Section covers 1 month

Column 1 has the plan day number (April is 1-30 whereas Dec has 240-270)

Column 2 is headed by the Month (April, May, June, etc.) with 1-30 below it.

Column 3 is Day (Monday - Friday) I don't know why I felt I needed this, but it's there.

Column 4 is the goal weight for that day (April 1 is 218.25  April 2nd 218.00 April 3rd 217.75 etc.)  Goal is to lose .25 a day to reach year end goal.

Column 5 is Actual weight which I manually enter

Column 6 is a box with the letters  "S A C S"  

S Stretching (goal is 12 minutes dedicated)

A Activity (goal is 120 minutes dedicated)

C Calories (goal is 1,200 per day)

S Steps (goal is 12,000 per day)

First - if I meet the weight goal I highlight the box in Green (If I don't meet the weight goal, I highlight the box in only because red highlighters are hard to find)

Second - Each SACS objective I meet I draw a circle around it and black it out..

I think this is going to show me in a graphic way how I'm doing on a day to day basis.

There is a little weirdness to begin because I started all my calculations when my weight was 218.25 on the 30th.  I started my program on this day, but I have the tracking starting April 1st.  Well, I was 215.4 April 1st, so I'm ahead of the game.  The anal person in me is a little bothered by this, but I'm going to try to get over it.... :-)

So, here I go! 

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