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(I didn't do an entry last night because I was too tired to get to the PC, and I can't figure out how to do a blog post off of my phone) 

First of all - yesterday was successful.  Almost too successful because I had to add some food before bedtime in order to come close to my calorie goal.  I realize this isn't good.  I was running around though, and I didn't want to eat anything from a fast food place etc.  When I got home I had a snack, and I started making cookies for tomorrow at the farmstand.  I was very proud of myself that I didn't put anything in my mouth! No even a crumb!  By the time I was done it was past 10pm, and I had only consumed about 700 calories for the day.  I was already over on sugar, so I decided on some rye bread and cheddar cheese.

 I need to figure out some high protein low sugar snacks that I can keep on hand in case I get stuck away from the house.

While I was dog walking yesterday I came up with an gimmick that might help keep me on track.  There are certain things I need to pay attention to daily.  Control my food intake, exercise, and stretch.  If I can do these three things, there is no way I won't be successful. So, I came up with this.......

12    Minutes of dedicated stretching

120  Minutes of dedicated activity (gonna work on a list of "qualifying" items)

1,200  Calories per day (trying to keep sugars low and protein high) 

12,000   Steps (this can be in conjunction with activity - based on phone)

 All I have to remember is this formula and, if I follow it, it is guaranteed I will be successful.  

I do have an aggressive goal (68.4 pounds to lose in 9 months), so while I can't help to lose using this formula - I am going to have to stay vigilant that I'm losing on a time table (otherwise I could go off track and eventually miss my target).  So, next thing I want to think about it setting some weight milestones to focus on.

Gonna have a great day today! 

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