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New TTG (in spite of.....)

Scale showed me 200.6 this morning.  I am less than a pound away from my first major milestone (199).  I'm also, amazingly, still on track in my weight loss.

I say amazingly because I continue to be a bad girl.  I skip some or even all of my SACS objectives daily.  It's ridiculous how much of a slacker am.  Seriously.  

Then again..... I do stay close to the Activity and Calorie objectives.  I try hard in that way.  I am making an effort - just not the 100% effort I know I can make.  

Stretching continues to be an ongoing issue.  That game changer idea I had about the iPhone alarm ..... I didn't implement it until yesterday afternoon (set the alarm), then this morning I slept through ALL my alarms (I have 5 including the stretch alarm I recently added).  lol  I really suck.  :-)

My sleeping in is unusual.  I think it was due to going to sleep just past midnight as well as the fact that I worked outside pruning tree branches (balancing, stretching, operating the long pulley-style pruner on fairly chunky branches) and garden maintenance prepping a row for fall and weeding (bending, pulling, raking, hauling, etc.).  I'm sure my body's inflammation went haywire.  I could sure feel it this morning when I finally dragged myself out of bed at 8:20am.

So, I'll take my TTG accomplishment - and I'll remember that it happened because I'm cooperating with my program - not because I don't need my program.


Stretching Cue Idea

Stretching continues to be a problem.  I talked about it yesterday on my Health Coach call.  This morning in the middle of moving to my 6am alarm (Get Up Offa That Thing - James Brown) - it occurred to me to set an alarm with a tune for stretching. 

My phone let's me choose a song instead of a tone for an alarm. It repeats until I turn the alarm off.  Too bad it doesn't allow for a playlist, but I'll take what I can get.

This may be a game-changer in the area of stretching continuity!!

Saddle Bags Shrinking!

I've noticed over the months that my clothes are getting looser and that I've been able to fit nicely into things I couldn't squeeze into before.  I've noticed that the digits on the scale are slowly going to lower and lower numbers.  

Yesterday though I was excited to notice that my Saddle Bags are shrinking.  I'm very excited about this because I, like probably every other woman in the universe, hate those bulges.  

This was a motivating revelation, and I start today with renewed energy to keep peeling off the excess weight. 

New TTG!

202 this AM, and that is a new TTG!

Yesterday was a big fruit day.  Guava's and a pear for breakfast and a pear for lunch.  Dinner was a little heavy - Marcel fixed meatloaf.  It all fell within my calories though.

I guess I don't want to neglect admitting I had a sugar cookie.... :-/

My exercise yesterday was non-existant, but I am giving myself a pass because I had an extremely creative day. Worked on my applique project and decorated some cross cookies I had put in the freezer last month.

Marcel had to use the rolling pin on me last night.  I'd been in the garden a couple of hours, and my pain level was such that I knew sleeping would be an issue.  Sure wish I understood what was wrong with me.  Luckily I can manage whatever it is which is more than I can say about the issue I had years ago with my back.  I say all this - yet I continue to skip my daily stretching...... I'm kind of an idiot that way. 


Scale up a bit, but I am pretty sure I'm retaining fluids.  Gonna watch it carefully.

Yesterday was weird just like I thought.

No binging, but it really wasn't a productive day. 

 Gonna have to step things up if I want to make things happen. 


Scale showing 203.6 - holding steady

Yesterday was overall very good.  

Met my step goal with bonus steps even (total steps 14,257)

Food was good, but it could have been better.  It was baking day, and I partook. While I stayed in my calories - the sugar is no good for my inflammation not to mention the fact that it's empty calories.

I got my stretching in first thing in the morning - that's how I really need to do it from now on.  

Today will be slightly weird, but I'm going to try and keep it together.   

June 1st Y'all

Okay - I woke up bright and early anxious to get onto my blog and formally recommit to my goals.  It's not that I've blown my program totally, but the past 5 days have been crap.  It all started with not achieving my step goals - then it slowly progressed to a mini sugar binge yesterday.

What happened?  I let everyday life take precedence over my program.  My husband began the process of getting dental implants in his entire mouth, so several trips to dental professionals, surgeries, helping with recovery.  The weather was bad a few of the days with rain keeping me from my normal walking routine.  I had a pain day which, thankfully doesn't happen often, where I just wanted to stay in bed (I didn't stay in bed, but my morale was low and I was useless). A few more things also happened, but those were the biggies that distracted me.  

Once the program was squeezed out of the top spot - the Devil was unleashed.  It started with throwing the stretching out the window.  Then I missed my step goal more times than I met it.  This happened mostly because I stopped doing a once a day park walk because of time constraints. The park is where most of my steps are taken.  Then I stopped meeting my calorie goals - not by a bunch, but still..... then I stopped recording my food until the end of the day instead of when I ate it. Then, the past two days - I stopped recording my food and doing my blog post altogether.

Yesterday evening I woke up and realized that June 1st was upon me, and I was in the weeds with my program.   

I have no regrets because I learned quite a lot from it.  

I learned that I need to follow the program I made for myself each and every day. There can be no half-assedness.....  I am already behind in my daily target which I need to make up for.  It's not much (target says I should be 203.25 and I am 204.2), but it's not like it's going to get easier to drop the weight - so I need to stay on top of things daily.

Today I start my new tracking sheet which does through the end of July.  On July 30th the target weight is 188.50 which means I need to drop 15.7 pounds between now and then.  I have 60 days...... :-) 


Chugging along....

A slight uptick in scale, but normal when I look at my charting of my weight. Gonna watch it like a hawk though :-)

I didn't log very well the last few days.  I waited til the end of the day or the next day to log my food.  I need to do better here.

Been slacking off a little with my steps.  I haven't reached my 12k goal in a few days.  Just haven't made time to do the long walks.  I need to do better.

I went running the streets with my bff yesterday, and we stopped in at Goodwill. I bought a few pieces of clothes half were fitting and half were slightly too snug to wear.  I'm going to need to go through my closet in about 5-8 pounds and start donating some of the things that are just too big. 

I'm chugging along though - logging my SACS everyday and keeping my goal in mind. :-) 


Just for Today

Scale holding steady.

Yesterday I did okay, but I didn't log or even come to MFP.  Stuff just kept happening.

Yesterday I googled Knotted Muscles & Stress...... got a lot of info.  Gonna need to sit and think about what I'm ignoring in my life because, clearly, I have major knotted muscles - and everyone so far is saying it's due to stress.  I'm actually stressed just trying to identify my stress. 

Today is a new day.

I started posting in the "Just for today" thread in the message boards. Not sure if I'll be able to keep up with it.  I have enjoyed reading what other's have posted in that thread in the past.  I wish I had more time to spend on the message boards - I know it would be fun and motivating.

I wish I could write more here, but there are dogs waiting to be walked and a garden needing attention (mostly catching and killing leaf-footed bugs off my tomatoes) 

Dental Diet

Scale fairly cooperative this morning (.20 from ttg)

Yesterday was crab as far as exercise goes since the weather was bad and we had company that stayed all day (not that I minded - company is usually good).

I stayed fine on my eating, but that hasn't been too hard lately because I have dental issues.  I've battled Perio issues for well over 20 years now.  I practice ridiculously meticulous oral hygiene as well as go quarterly for professional perio cleanings.  Things have been pretty good the last 8 years until recently.  Several areas have flared up, and the problem has become unmanageable.  I few weeks ago I had flap surgery on one area with two areas left to do.  At about $900 a pop - I've been considering my options (extraction, bridge, partial, implants...).  In the meantime, whilst I mull it over, I have been very hesitant to eat anything that will get wedged in the deep pockets because it's a lot of work to flush out any food particles.  My go to food is greek yogurt and cottage cheese because I can eat it without chewing (and if I am careful I can get it down without touching my gumline at all - which is no fun, but if I don't have time to floss/brush/rinse after it's my only option).

I have switched to stretching first thing in the morning as part of my wakeup routine. I have to say, I'm not happy about this because - even with warmup movements - my muscles are not really thrilled about being stretched this early in the morning.  On the other hand, I'm doing it - so that's better than the alternative.  I'm going to stick with it for now - look at it again later on. 

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