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Appreciate What You Have Because You Never Know When It Will Be Gone

I just got done reading a friends post on here, and my heart is breaking for her.  With so many things that happen in today's world, I think some of us tend to take for granted, those things that are most important to us, and that is our families.  My friend, on here, lost her son four years ago today.  I don't know how, why, or what happened, but I do know, that I could not imagine myself losing one of my children.  It does not matter how old they are, because they will always be our babies.  Be thankful for your children, that you have them to hug, kiss, talk to, and share stories with.  Not everyone is so lucky to have that.  My friends name is gaylelynnmc's on MFP, and I would like to ask that everyone say a special prayer for her and her family tonight.  Her daughter, she said, came and took her shopping today, and they had a wonderful day together, we can't forget that her daughter, lost a brother.  What a wonderful, caring thing for this young girl to do, for her mom, when she too, must be hurting inside.  Just stop by and send her a special hug, as I know from her post she has had a very tough day.  Sometimes just a hug, a smile, or an I'm thinking of you can turn a person's day completely around.

Forever Your Friend,

Coach Moe 

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simplyjustme wrote 61 months ago:
You are amazing girl and I love you!
Prudiddy wrote 61 months ago:
Aww Donna! How nice of you to think of her and her family. Thank you for being such and awesome person. I will be saying a prayer for her tonight. I also would like to thank God for each of you my MFP friends for your prayers and thoughts that went up for me during my rough times. I love you and a friend of yours is a friend of mine. Bless you for this! Muah.

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