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What does 100 lbs look like?

It Looks Like This!



You CAN do this too!  I fell down plenty of times.  I just kept getting back up.

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Vicstar1977 wrote 51 months ago:
WOW! Thanks for blogging :-)))
findingKylie wrote 51 months ago:
nominomi1 wrote 51 months ago:
Well done
kathas0trophal wrote 51 months ago:
this is amazing. You look ike a omplete different person!
samigirl1975 wrote 51 months ago:
Great job!! :D Congrats on the new you :)
loanmoney001 wrote 51 months ago:
Wow !!! oh my GOd

Thank you so much.
FitChicFab2013 wrote 51 months ago:
Great job! Thanks for sharing.
DeniseCole5 wrote 51 months ago:
WTG Awesome
missjelika wrote 51 months ago:
The best thing about these pictures is your smile.
moraldd wrote 51 months ago:
awww, I just want to pinch your cheeks you are so cute. You are such an inspiration, thanks for sharing.
dorothydearest wrote 51 months ago:
WOW!!! What a difference.
sugarlips1980 wrote 51 months ago:
Amazing! You've worked hard, well done!
noriri wrote 51 months ago:
Terrific! Continued good health to you!
janiemm47 wrote 51 months ago:
you look great and sure you FEEL much better. congrats and good luck
ladypenel wrote 51 months ago:
Thank you for blogging I was starting to waiver but your pics have given me the kick I need!
Fannyannefeisty wrote 51 months ago:
Well done!! x
mommaehi wrote 51 months ago:
well done you. You look amazing ans very happy too.
calley25 wrote 51 months ago:
wow....keep up the good work
DirtyStacks wrote 51 months ago:
Thank you all for your comments. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to stop by. I've put a lot of hard work to get to this point, I'm not done yet, but this is but a short reflection for me to push forward as it will get much harder as I get closer to my something. Milestones give you that extra bit of confidence you need to charge on. They are important in building confidence and embracing triumph over a challenging but acheiveable short range goal. There is no better place to do that than here where we are all struggling to regain something we lost. Where we all understand that the road is tough, and sometimes very long. A recognition of a milestone instills hope in those that reach, and jubulation in those that conquer it. Celebrate your milestones! You earned them!
odditblue wrote 51 months ago:
chefmiller wrote 51 months ago:
Thanks for the visual. I am on the journey now and it is nice to know it is possible. One question how long did it take you? And congratulations!!!
DirtyStacks wrote 51 months ago:
thank you! It took me 8 months to reach this milestone. I discuss this a bit in my MFP profile!
cbeutler wrote 51 months ago:
Amazing work
shelly1171 wrote 51 months ago:
Way to go!
smackadoodle wrote 51 months ago:
You do like a different person. You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing.
Denjo060 wrote 51 months ago:
total awesomeness that is what this is and amazing that is what you are congratulations
sharkee69 wrote 51 months ago:
WONDERFUL God Bless you !!!
xraygrandma wrote 51 months ago:
Awesome job!!!! You look great!
mamaohma wrote 51 months ago:
Wow!! Thanks for sharing this pics!!! I can't wait to be able to have these kind of before and after shots of myself! Bravo to you!!! Keep up the excellent progress!!
bethanyp007 wrote 51 months ago:
You look awesome!
Slimchickinthemaking wrote 51 months ago:
Well done and keep up the good work, it is people like you that show what hard work can do, inspires!
chiloi wrote 51 months ago:
JlenniferL wrote 51 months ago:
TaraKathleen5 wrote 50 months ago:
You are fantastic!!!! I am very inspired. I have lost a little over 40 and hope to hit 100 too.
mels1975 wrote 50 months ago:
wow how did u d it amazing
beckydragonpoet wrote 50 months ago:
clarkeje1 wrote 50 months ago:
you look like a totally different person!

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