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I go through a LOT of diaries every day...I think thats part of being a friend here. And I try to set a decent example....I am not a hypocrite. I try very hard to eat at least ONE vegetable every day....and a fruit too. 

But a lot of people arent eating any vegetables at all...except potatoes. Now I love potatoes too and I do eat them. But I try to add another good veggie too....carrots, green beans, spinach, asparagus, tomato (yeah, I know....technically its a fruit. :)) and broccoli. But I rarely see these in other diaries. I dont know....maybe no one likes veggies?  

I grew up eating canned vegetables. I had NO idea what fresh vegetables tasted like. Mom bought canned because it was cheap and easy. As a result, I didnt eat many veggies growing up because they tasted awful. And mom was the kind that you had to clean your plate...or sit there till you did. That was torture.

When I got married, I at least bought frozen vegetables...that was a step up. But being married to the son of a farmer, we got fresh vegetables in the summer for free and I learned just how delicious fresh vegetables can be. A whole new world opened up for me. Corn picked fresh that morning....tomatoes right off the vine, big as softballs. Peaches sweet as sugar. And loads of others. I got spoiled very quickly.

When I moved in with my b/f, I saw that he was eating canned vegetables because, like my mom thought, they were easy and cheap. I knew THAT had to stop. I finally weaned him off them and now we only eat fresh veggies with a little frozen thrown in on occasion. I do avoid corn and peas....2 of my favorites...because of the carbs, but still have them now and then, especially this time of year with the corn being SOOO good!

So c'mon friends....lets add a few more veggies to your day. They are delicious, and good for you and you body will thank you. :)  

Whatta Workout! I go to the pool early because I know no one will be there yet...and I was right. Lifeguard was the only one there. So I put out my towel on the lounge, put my water and stuff in the shade and get in the pool. Now I do 2, 25 minute jogging sets with a break inbetween.  I called to the lifeguard (a different one than usual) asking him if he would please let me know when it was 2:00 (it was 1:35). He said certainly. I thanked him and started my jogging.

Back and forth the width of the pool I go. A short time later, another regular with his IPad shows up and lays in the sun on a lounger doing something on his device. I am happily going back and forth.

A short time later, another regular shows up...I call him float guy because he keeps a blue inflateable lounge float in the pool house. He gets his float, gets in the pool and relaxes. I keep jogging, careful not to run into him.

A little while later a couple young girls show up and start sunning themselves. And i am still jogging. I am thinking, "Boy...25 minutes is getting longer. I start glancing in the direction of the life guard but no indication my time is up. 

In a little while, a girl shows up, kinda cute, and the lifeguard and her are talking...and talking. And I keep jogging...and jogging.

After awhile I can feel some twinges in my back and I am starting to get tired. I keep looking at the lifeguard, who is still talking to the girl. I kept going until finally, I said "Thats enough....cant do anymore. What is wrong with me today?" I get out of the pool and check my phone for the time.

Its 2:35...I have been jogging for an hour straight! I turned around and looked at the lifeguard who is still going at it with the girl. I figure I could have dropped dead in the wate and the moron would STILL be talking to her. 

So I figured what the heck?...might as well finish my workout. So I got back in the water and did another 10 minutes of exercises and that was it for me.

So I learned 2 things today....dont trust the lifeguard that thinks he is God's gift to women and bring a stopwatch to the pool! :D 


I should add that workout was for 2 workout tomorrow. I have a baseball game and I count that as my off day. :) 

Danger Foods

Last night I was looking for an envelope of beef jerky I bought on Saturday and was tearing apart the cabinet (which it wasnt in anyway) and came across a partially eaten bag of potato chips. I didnt think twice...I grabbed the bag, threw it in the trash and kept on looking for my beef jerky. It wasnt until later that I realized what I had done.....a couple months ago I would have opened the bag and chowed down. Potato chips are one of my "danger foods".

When I belonged to Jenny Craig many years ago, we were taught to recoginize our danger foods and avoid them like the plague. Potato chips were the BIG one for me. Chocolate is another....but I guess that goes without saying...LOL! But I find that any snack in a bag for me is a danger food. Like popcorn is one....another, cheese puffs...and cookies. Even nuts...I have to measure out what I can eat or I will eat most of the package. Its SO easy to just grab the bag, sit down and eat, and eat, and eat. And before you know it, you have consumed 1000 calories....or more.

Everybody has a danger food...or 2 or 3. Question is, do you avoid it/them or do you have a couple and feel confident you can stop there? I avoid now because I truly believe that by avoiding those foods for as long as I have, I no longer crave them and I dont want to tempt fate, so to speak. As I said before, I havent had any potato chips since I started. I havent had any of the cookies I used to eat, either. I have had the macaroons my DD sent me from New Orleans but there are only 8 in the box and I have ONE left....that tells you how many I have eaten in a months time. But dont get me near a bag of Milano's...especially the double stuffed ones. I will go through a bag in no time. And cheese balls? When I see one of those HUGE tubs of them in the store you'd think I was in heaven. I can eat half a barrel in a sitting without blinking an eye. 

Now there are some that feel deprivation is wrong and you should eat anything you want. I a point. If you can't control your urges, however, its best to find something ELSE to indulge in. The only snack in a bag that I can eat that  know I WONT overdo is pretzels. I can eat a few and thats it....unless I am eating ice cream, in which case I use a pretzel like a spoon and dip them in the ice cream and eat them that way. Problem is, I could go through a LOT of pretzels doing that. So, on the whole, I think I am much better off staying away from salty snacks in bags.

So what is YOUR danger food? 

Afternoon at the Farm

I am still friendly with my ex and his family....moreso now that my ex FIL has love lost between he and I. He was an arrogant self-righteous....well, I shouldnt speak ill of the dead. And I digress.

Anyway, my ex comes from a family of farmers. His grandfather owned 2 farms in Pennsylvania. My ex, his siblings and cousins grew up working on the farms and selling the goods...everything from eggs to flowers. When I met my ex, his late uncle owned the big farm and his sister, my ex's mother owned the little farm...given to her because she nursed her mother there in her last years. Her reward was the farm.

I used to go with my ex to the big farm his uncle inherited from the grandfather, and pick strawberries. Oh YUM! Good stuff. Right off the vine, sweet as sugar.

We also sold the leftover corn sometimes on Sunday's when the produce stand was closed (very religious family) at a local flea market to make a little extra money. We also sold pumpkins and crysanthemums in the fall. My ex would dig them up, pot them and wheel them in a wagon to the stand.

But the best part was the vegetables. The family sold fresh corn...picked the SAME MORNING as it was sold. I once went on a corn run with him my ex. We left around 1 in the morning in the truck with high wooden sides installed and drove a few hours to a farm in Maryland where you would get in line (we would get there around 4 in the morning) and then nap, all the while other trucks were lining up behind us. Around 5 we would awake to the sound of machines and my ex started the truck in preparation. Each truck would in turn pull up the the loading machine. You told the guy how many ears you wanted and the machine would start shooting it into the truck bed. When you were finished, you paid the guy and headed back up home in time for the opening of the stand.

I never knew about corn until I met my ex. I was quickly corn I ever had. Also HUGE tomatoes as big as my hand! And blueberries and peaches to DIE for. All free, of course since it was family.

After a year of the produce stand sitting idle, since no one felt like doing the hard work involved in stocking and running it, my ex decided to reopen it at the end of  this past June. He worked very hard to clean the place up and get it ready. I wanted to visit my ex MIL and figured I could check it out at the same time.

Ex MIL is getting up there now...she is 85. Sweet lady, God bless her! We talked for quite awhile. I caught up with what was going on with my ex SIL's and their families. And ex MIL insisted I take some veggies with me. So I took some corn (OMG...STILL DELICIOUS), GORGEOUS tomatoes, some blueberries, some peaches and a canteloupe.  Freshest stuff you will ever taste. 

I am thankful for this time, short as it may be, that we have such fresh, good food. And now I am going to have one of those peaches for dessert....YUM! 


These are JUST as important as the ones you get from stepping on that scale.

Last night I was planning on leftovers for dinner. The b/f came home with leftover pizza from work the night before. I had wrapped it up and put it in the fridge. So I was going to give him leftover hot dogs but decided instead to heat up the pizza for him...HIM, not US. So he had the pizza and I had leftover spaghetti. Believe me, I wanted some pizza, but I am not ready yet. That day will come eventually, when I feel more confident about my numbers.

Another one. Getting on the bike last night, I figured I would just do a light one....30 minutes, about 200 cals to work off the overage I had. Well, I kept going....and ended up doing 65 minutes and over 400 calories. I was a sweaty mess but the sense of accomplishment was worth every drop. 

Today I am going through my closet and will start pulling some of the clothes that I know are too big now and make room for things I have packed away in storage that are smaller. Another victory!  

When I go to the grocery store, I dont even LOOK at the candy and chips like I used to. Which means I spend no money on crap and have more to spend on the good swordfish and shrimp...yum! VICTORY! 

My fasting sugar is now consistantly under 100...another VICTORY!!

So as much as many of us obsess over that scale, its only ONE measure of our goals and accomplishments. Yes, I lost 2 more pounds and I am thrilled! BUT I have a lot more NSV's to be proud of. The emotional benefits of those are just as, if not more, lasting as that number we look down to see. Change is good in weight loss....but all the changes are GREAT. Look for those NSV's. Write them down. Read them if you get discouraged....and be thrilled with them, too. 

Optimism...and Thankfulness

I havent really had a bad day calorically, but yesterday I ate more calories and carbs than I had in many weeks. And I was worried I would retain water and feel bloated. I think it was psychological....I actually DID feel that way last night. But I broke my cardinal rule this getting on the scale for a week. But I just HAD to know how much damage I did. 

So I stepped on. And it said I was a pound lighter than Monday. I shook my head....must be a problem with the scale. So I got off, let it reset and got back on. Same reading...a pound down.

(Shhh...dont tell anyone) 

Now I know weight fluctuates day to day...even hour to hour. But I must be doing SOMETHING right. Sure isnt luck.

Now, I probably figure I am not eating that much anyway. But, for me, I am eating healthy...and greater amounts than I was when I was on the no white carbs program...heck, last night I had pasta for the first time in ages. My carbs have gone up, though not explosively. I always intended to up my calories VERY slowly so my body adjusts slowly, but keep my carbs low, since I have to with the T2 anyway. I just keep hearing those words in my mind that my Dr. said....."Its not going to be easy for you to lose weight." 

And, yet, has it really been all that easy? Well, I haven't been dropping 5 pounds a week like some misguided people think they should. Maybe age is slowing me down.....or mellowing me. Or maybe diabetes is making me more patient and perhaps a tad smarter. Or maybe a lot of what I have been reading here is sinking in. Taking bits and pieces of information and applying it to my life. Reading the posts and thoughts of other people and taking inspiration and support from them. That has made the time go by a lot faster for me. If I were doing this without this site and everyone here, I KNOW for a fact I wouldn't be successful with this. I spend a lot of time here now...and thank goodness I dont have to answer to anyone but myself for it. I dont consider myself obsessed with MFP....just eager to absorb, contribute, and, as a result, lose weight. 

I still have aways to go and will be here for quite awhile. I hope all my friends will, too. Having people who are going through many of the same things I am truly helps to keep things in perspective.  So to all of you who spend the time here, I wish you continued success and hopes for a lighter future...thank you!! 

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