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I updated my profile today because I passed my first goal - Onederland!  It actually happened last week, but because of Shark Week and other life events, I didn't want to memorialize it until it was reliably true.

Now I just need to keep on track over Mother's Day weekend with our moms (HAHAHAHAHA) and keep heading downward.

Next goal is 172 - this is what I weighed 8 years ago when we got married, and I'm SO excited to get there. 

Happy Friday everyone, enjoy a wonderful weekend. 

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Geocitiesuser wrote 10 months ago:
So awesome, congrats!
OnthatStuff wrote 10 months ago:
Way to gosh-darn go! Save a seat for the rest of us.
Domomallow wrote 10 months ago:
That's very exciting! I will be thrilled to be where you are in your weight loss! :)
BusyMomma_RH wrote 10 months ago:
Congrats and good luck on your next goal! :D
The_Movie_Chair wrote 10 months ago:
alexandtigger wrote 10 months ago:
Great achievement! You will be there soon!
pizzafruit wrote 10 months ago:
I'm very happy for you. Way to inspire others!
pizzafruit wrote 10 months ago:
I'm very happy for you. Way to inspire others!
maribi64 wrote 10 months ago:
Congratulations! Keep up the good work!
srodrigue44 wrote 10 months ago:
Congratulations, you are doing great and I know you can obtain all your goals!! Keep up your hard work.
anniemoffat wrote 10 months ago:
Fantastic achievement!
Celticmoon67 wrote 10 months ago:
Onderful, that is fantastic! Congratulations'
liebchen57 wrote 10 months ago:
Thanks for sharing.....You should feel proud!
msangi82 wrote 10 months ago:
Awesome news! Keep up the great work!
TriciaCh wrote 9 months ago:
Congratulations! Well done!
orionaimee wrote 9 months ago:
Woo hoo! So happy for you. Keep going, your goal is right around the corner.
skmoses15 wrote 9 months ago:
Congratulations!!! I am 1 pound short of joining you. So looking forward to it.
ButterballBookworm wrote 9 months ago:
Thanks for the support, everyone :) I'm so glad to have a community like this to turn to for both good and bad life events.
Farrokh35 wrote 9 months ago:
Great work!!
LivingtheLeanDream wrote 9 months ago:
congrats :-)
stutovic wrote 9 months ago:
Congratulations! Keep going, hope the weekend went well for you. Thanks for the inspiration :)
PrincezzFabulouze wrote 9 months ago:
Good job, Mama!
04hoopsgal73 wrote 9 months ago:
Congratulations! Keep doing what you're doing, glad it's working and coming together for you.
rainey4 wrote 9 months ago:
Way to go. Congratulations!!!
violetness wrote 9 months ago:
Nice job! I'm down 48. I have 64 pounds to reach the coveted Onederland, then my next goal is 172 because that's where I was after my first baby was born. I'm doing a ketogenic diet, extremely low carbs (like no more than 40g a day, but I usually land at less than 20), Contrave, and Julian Bakery's InstaKetones. I measure ketones in my urine several times a day to know when to correct. FINALLY something that workds for ME. Yay!!
Sunna_W wrote 9 months ago:
Great job! It's good to see some positive news!
MissCe83 wrote 9 months ago:
caramelgyrlk wrote 9 months ago:
ButterballBookworm wrote 9 months ago:
Violetness, I think that's the key for all of us. Find food control, water intake, and exercise type that works for ME and then you're set.

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