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I Woke Up Hungry Today.

Sadly, I woke up before my alarm this morning thanks to my husband's incessant insomnia.  As I lay there trying in vain to get back to sleep, my stomach growled.  And not just a little "prrrr..." - this was a "GROWL".  That moment made me realize something fantastic.

Those of you who have generally eaten pretty well may not realize how unusual this can be. For the rest of us who eternally grazed on candy, drinks, or other things to *constantly* fill the tummy every few hours, to actually have a full "GROWL" from your stomach is rare, and feels odd.  It's not until you cut out all the filler and junk that your stomach even has time to feel *truly* hungry.  Sure, you get feeling nommish, and eat something else, but to actually feel HUNGRY isn't often.

My fantastic realization was that I was doing well enough on eating good food, and not too much, that my actual hunger had come back. And I think that's a good sign :) 

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LivingtheLeanDream wrote 12 months ago:
yep its a good sign :-) ..I don't mind my stomach growling but I know I really need to fuel up when my legs start to feel weak.
JDHayesBC wrote 10 months ago:
Kudos to you for working hard enough to get that message and for realizing that you needn't jump simply because your body whined about something! :)

I try to remind myself, "It's lying. It's got PLENTY of energy. It just wants to hoard it."
Premed100 wrote 10 months ago:
I think that's a great sign that your bodies normal hunger signals are returning to, well, normal. One of the issues being explored around weight gain and obesity is the hunger triggers. I can say I have had similar experiences in recent months and it is a wonderful feeling when you feel hollow inside & stomach growls, even better is the "full" signal when you go and eat your meal. It means the bodies natural full & empty signals are returning to normal.
cushman5279 wrote 10 months ago:
That is great! It has always boggled my mind that we as a society feel the need to constantly feel full! Most people go out to eat and care more about the portion size than they do the quality of the food or service. Hey... guess what... it's OK to feel hungry! Good for you! :)
lisaleebryan wrote 10 months ago:
What an interesting concept, hunger! When I was in high school, I remember enjoying that hungry feeling, I felt I was fat (though now, I realize I was in great shape and would LOVE to be even close to where I was then). I think I may shoot for hungry today! Thank you!
UNO77 wrote 10 months ago:
I think this was a great post! It is an awesome reminder.

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