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Gardening vs workout

Ever have an epiphany?  I did.  I assume if you keep reading you want to know about it.

So there I was last night over an hour tilling the garden, sun out, a bit cool.  I got a great deal of it done.  It is a large garden.  Finished up and could feel all the work I had done.  So I was not concerned about a work out as it is approaching sleepy time.  My fitbit had me as burning a bunch of calories wrestling with that machine.

 At work today, a few minutes ago actually, and thinking, I need to finish tilling the garden, I need to fix a door, and put a belt on the riding mower for all the heavy mowing.  ( I do around the house with a push mower)  Although I am sore and a little tired, it has not occurred to me to NOT do the work that needs to be done.

 So, when I am not doing a lot of heavy work, how is it that  I have ever considered skipping a work out?  I really don't anymore, but how did I ever do that in the first place.  Workouts are work that I need to get done just like the door or the garden.  I am somewhat surprised and baffled.  But then I think, as I look in the mirror, you could convince yourself that you aren't THAT overweight.....

I haven't skipped a work out for a month with two exceptions.  One was due to joint pain.  Joint pain is not to be trifled with.  The other is if I am doing something like working in the garden, busting up cement with a sledge hammer, in short working hard at something else and getting my heart rate up that is equal to a work out, outside of my normal job.

Now I just look at it as part of what I need to do in a day.  Just like work, dishes, feed the dog, and remind my MFP friends just how AWESOME they are.  I made the decision ONCE to work out.  I don't have to decide anymore on a day -to-day basis, I have already decided, I am working out.

And I will admit, I am skipping next Monday's workout as I have tickets to Lord of the Dance here in Dayton, OH.  I will be enjoying an evening of dance.  I will, however, work out on Sunday which I usually reserve for my recovery from the week and prep for the next week.

I am struck at how long it took for a workout to once again become just part of what I do.  For me deemphasizing the workout, and making it just another part of my day before I relax has made the difference.  It really is simply just part of what I do.


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fmbomzo wrote 73 months ago:
I so agree. I plan it as part of my day. I think of ways to get more of a workout all the time. I've even started doing exercises at my desk while I work. My body seems to want to be in constant motion until I go to sleep. It's a good thing. Plus this go-around I've made the choice to keep it exciting. I figure out which workout will keep my interest each day and if the planned workout seems boring, I switch to something else. I have lots of yardwork to do, so I can add that to the mix.
love22step wrote 73 months ago:
I'm with you! I like doing physical stuff! I hate busy desk work days when I don't have time to work out. Fortunately, I've been able to cut my normal work schedule to 3 days, for now, and I have lots of gardening and yard work. I take summers off from desk work, and summer's coming soon. My garden soil is still very soft, so I'm pulling the weeds by hand, using my "proper" squat technique. I can use my push/pull hoe and get by without using the tiller. I'll have to work a lot harder to start a new garden. I have so many projects on my to-do list that involve hard work and heavy lifting. I love it!
Keep it up! Hard work is good for men! (It's good for women, too.) :)
StevLL wrote 73 months ago:
Totally agree with you. I was turning my garden over with a shovel and dug 60' feet of a 100' trench today for a new water line. I burned a ton of calories, but still did my cardio and weight training. I know it's important for me to get the workouts in, because even though I know I burned cals, hte workouts are as much for my mental healtha s my physical health.
Buddhasmiracle wrote 73 months ago:
We've been remodeling our condo -- sheetrocking, wall plastering and painting, packing and throwing stuff out, moving furniture, pulling wall paper off for the last several weeks. I enjoy remodeling, but it occurred to me (duh) as I read your blog that I don't have a way to "acount" for this effort, which means that I'm likely eating even more below goal on those days. Eh! On the positive side, since I started New Rules, my end of the sheetrock isn't dragging near the floor!
the thing is, when you are working the yard, swinging a sledge hammer, lifting a kid into the air, walking a lawn mower -- pushing, pulling, lifting,lunging, throwing, walking -- these are our species' natural movements. We were built to do these things and those of us here today had ancesters that did them very well.
I really enjoy lifting weights, almost as much as mixing concrete!
Keep up all the good hard yard work everyone!
Kell_Smurthwaite wrote 73 months ago:
I'm doing the same - I plan some exercise into every day, whether it's just walking to work or sticking an exercise DVD on, or doing some gardening. I cannot even thin kabout NOT making the effort to burn some calories because the whole point of me being here is to work my way towards a healthier lifestyle, and that includes moving my body more often. I'm hoping to be able to join a gym next month too. :)
Becciquinn wrote 73 months ago:
Never thought of it like that. hmmm

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