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Old Profile - 2013

Hi, I'm Anthony.

I cannot remember a time when I haven't been overweight. I remember my mother putting me on some stupid diet when I was 12 or 13. I kicked and screamed my way through that with no real results.

Every time I've gone on a diet it was due to someone telling me I needed to do it, that may have played a large part in all the dieting failures over the years.

I might lose a small amount of weight but it would go back on as soon as I stopped as well as some extra weight.

Gave up smoking some 8 or 9 years ago after my wife had a cancer scare. Put on weight.

I've always liked walking, may not have done enough of it over the years but was in a good groove and had stabilised my weight (still grossly bad) until...

I had knee surgery mid-2010, hurt it trying to get up off the ground at a wedding in a park, over extended my leg and tore my meniscus, had knee surgery and ended up with severe blood clots which landed me on warfarin for a year. Warfarin sucks. No two ways about it, you get achy, I ended up with some rash that isn't supposed to happen (though it did go away) and the constant fear of being cut or having a clot dislodge.

Put on weight during that time I pretty much all but stopped walking or any activity other than housework. My wife then had a series of back surgeries (4 from memory) and you don't focus on your health while your partner is in pain and going through that so again not the best of times.

For the better part of 2012 I was thinking I need to lose weight, I'd started a new position and was kind of focused more on that I think. I kept making small changes during that year. I stopped drinking diet soda in May 2012, started eating more salads and drinking water. But the weight kept slowly adding on. Mid 2012 there were rumours a gym was opening in the building I work at and I started to think I really need to take charge of my life because no one else will do that for me.

The gym opened Nov 2012 (more or less) I'd signed up while they were still outfitting the building space. I started doing some basic weight training (fixed weights) and slow treadmill work.

After these small changes I still wasn't losing weight and over my annual leave period in Dec 2012 I really started focusing on my weight and what to do. I started to think about myself and what I need which is very hard for me to do. I was going to use another site but I found their tracking system annoying so I asked a colleague at work who I knew was on MFP what the MFP site was as I couldn't remember it from previous talks with her.

I signed up late Dec 2012 and started tracking what I ate properly on the 27th. For all my knowledge, intelligence and wisdom I knew next to nothing about what I should put in my body for nutrition. I was brain washed about crap the media and food companies had pushed down my throat in TV commercials for years. And might I say very angry about it and that it keeps happening.

I certainly don't know it all but am enjoying discovering what works for me.

Some non-weight related life things... I enjoy computer games, mainly strategy style (like StarCraft 2) or the older Civilization type games. I used to read a lot of fantasy style books but nothing has taken my fancy recently, favourite author is probably Raymond E Feist. Love Sci-Fi TV/Movies as well as shows like Supernatural and Walking Dead.

Got a question after all of that? Fire me a message.

Start Weight: 151kg (approx. scales only go to 150kg) 27/12/2012

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moc2472 wrote 20 months ago:
I dont have a question but I just wanted to tel you that your story is very inspirational and I'm rooting for you, the determination and motivation you have shown through all life has thrown at you really puts things in perspective WELL DONE!! keep it up x
mockchoc wrote 20 months ago:
You are my best friend ever on here Anthony. I want you to keep going forward as you already proved you can do in the past no matter what life throws at you. You have to be all ok for the surgery and to just have a healthy happy fit future. Thank you for looking after me too. Sue.
MrsMylove wrote 20 months ago:
Anthony Thank you! You really inspired me in 2 ways;1, to keep going. I keep trying to different ways to lose this weight. But the one thing I need to stick to is exercising. And 2, to write my story because you never know who your story will inspire. Thanks Anthony again.
cbumbalough wrote 20 months ago:
I wish you the best of luck! Feel free to friend me. I'm re-starting my weight loss journey (ugh I hate calling it a journey) again. I agree with the feeling lost sometimes because of what the media has shoved down our throats. I feel so conflicted sometimes. I just try to stay within my calorie range and just eat what I want and try to stay as healthy (veggies, fruits, proteins) as I can.
lizaforbes1 wrote 20 months ago:
Hi Anthony!

I really enjoyed your story! I am totally with you about not having a clue about what I should be putting in my body....My husband and I decided that we're changing our life style for our kids and for ourselves....Sooo...I decided to take a trip to the grocery store and buy some new healthier things and sheesh! I stayed in there for hours because every little thing I picked up I had to read the back and see how many calories was in it....I know the basic stuff...veggies and fruits good...junk food bad...but it just seems like there is more to it than that....I feel like I am so hungry all of the time and I hate water lol....I don't know...I'll just be glad when going to the grocery store is a little more simple and a little less time consuming. Good luck to you!

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