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New Month; New Motivation (as always)








Intermittent Fasting Update

Long story short, I am consistently inconsistent. Yeah, I nixed that experiment. I found that I liked it as per results (weigh daily, weigh-ins always went down) but apparently, I like eating whenever I want, especially if I have a long day and can't eat till later. So, still on this journey, many paths, everything is worth a try, everything rational, lol.

Day #3 Intermittent Fasting Experiment

My friend was like, "can't you still stuff your face between 1-9?" and my reply was that it was possible. She was haldway correct, I ate a little more than I should have between 1-8, lol

I actually don't think I was over my 1900calories though. I'm going to workout fasted by eat around 8 or 9 making it a 12-13hour fast. I want to give blood today so I need to eat earlier. 


Day #2 Intermittent Fasting Experiment

Hey guys, I worked out this morning at 8. Did some light cardio/strength and got in the sauna (fun times), lol.

I'm at a 16hour fast right now, it's 10:00 now, last ate at 6:00p.m. last night. So far I feel fine. Coffee/Tea/plenty water in my system.

I have a protein shake/peanut butter sandwich with me as my first meal, very pathetic, but it's all good, haha. I need a better avenue for my peanut butter than a piece of bread, even though I love bread. 

Okay, check-in later.

Day #1 Con.

So, I ate within a 5hour window today, 1:00-6:00. I worked out after class at 8:00 and I feel really good.

A couple learning points, starting at 12:00noon may be better for me. Going till 1 wasn't a huge struggle though, going to play it by ear. 

I need to plan my meals better so I can bring things with me, be able to eat more. 

All in all, not bad, happy for the start, onward. 

Intermittent Fasting Experiment Day #1

I'll start by saying that I am not new to fasting.(I've fasted for about 5 days with no water/food before). I am however new to fasting for weightloss, a reason I was so put off by the idea of fasting outside of a religious concept/context. That aside, I came to the conclusion that I could in fact benefit from it.

To keep it short, I am consumed with the idea of food throughout the day and the weightloss. I binge eat/overeat and I don't like that. I want to get my calories in, enjoy what I eat and be done with it. 

I count my start time as midnight of today as the last time I've eaten. So it's been 12hours of my fast, 6 of those have been waking hour. I am not sure if I will get into a 24 hour fast schedule, but for now I want to have an 8 hour window to eat, preferably 4 with a 20hour fast. 

Thank God I love water and black coffee. I'm about to drink my green ginger tea in a bit. I do think this may be the "cure" for my eating habits. I feel good, and surprisingly I did not have a headache this morning, which is what I usually have when I wake or after breakfast. I know correlation doesn't equal causation, but I look forward to seeing if those headaches stay at bay with the absense of breakfast and me fasting. 

I'm opening my eating window at 1:00p.m. today. I'm going to not eat pass 9:00p.m. which makes my eating pattern a 16:8 (I could be have those technicalities wrong, but hey, learning over here). 

And to add, my exercise will be at a minimum with my foot injury, so that's another reason for the experiement. 


(4) Personal Training Sessions

Session #1 Body Weight Only
Abs on Mat - hip tilts (press arch out of back), hold 10 sec and breathe. 
Abs on Ball - 3 sides: crunch to center 3x10. Twist crunch 3x10. Oblique crunches 20x R/L. 
Supermans - hands and knees, opposite arm/opposite leg, up and hold 3x10

Session #2 - Upper/Cardio/Core
Row- seated 3x15
Per Fly & Reverse 3x15 (both front & back)
Pull Up & Dip - 3x15 both
Crunches on Ball - 4 sides
Superman on Ball
Standing Crunch Machine 3x20 - 40lbs
Tricep Overhead w/a Skull Crushers - 3x8 15lbs (free weight)
Bicep Curl - 21's front and wide

Session #3 - Lower/Core/Cardio 
Yellow Elliptical - 4 min on level 1- 1 min butt out high resurgence
Leg Press - regular, toes together, "butterfly" and 1-legged squats
Leg Extension
Leg Curl
Kick Outs 70lbs 3x20 R/L
Ab Twist R/L
Ab Crunch 25lbs 3x20
Back Extension 3x15

Session #4
Pull Ups on Smith Machine
Dips on agency
Squats Under Bar
Box Squat (tap butt to bench) hold FW (12.5-20lbs)
Abs on Bench - regular crunch, twist with weight
Treadmill warm up- intervals 2 min jog, 1 min recovery, 2 min Hill. Repeat 4 times


-These are the four works I completed with a trainer at school last year in November, this is here for my future reference or anyone who takes interest :)

Old Challenge: By Tonya

The List 

  • 30 minutes cardio
  • 30 minutes resistance training
  • 30 minutes circuit training
  • 15 minutes HIIT
  • 15 minutes flexibility training
  • 30 minutes relaxation
  • 5 servings of veggies
  • 3 servings of fruits
  • 2 servings of dairy
  • 2 servings of meat or beans
  • 6 servings of whole grains
  • Eat withing calorie range
  • Eat within points range
  • Eat within carb gram range
  • Eat within fat gram range
  • Eat within protein gram range
  • Drink 64 ounces of water
  • 30 mintues of educational reading
  • 30 minutes of fun reading
  • Do a good deed for someone else
Choose ten to do each day to establish as a habit.
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