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Fabulously Functional February

Its a Monday, the start of a new month, and the first weekday back from a much needed vacation meaning its a great day to start a new challenge!

My previous month's challenge was a huge success:

Paleo30 Deviations: 24 (80% adherence...right on target with 80/20 balance-perfect!) 

Crossfit: 14 (116.7% success!!!!)

Other Activity: 6 (golf, spinning, running, night club cardio: all bonus activity so 600% awesomesauce!)

The whole point of this challenge was to feel awesome again, regain healthy eating habits, be less obsessive, and drop the pounds I picked up over the holidays. I met each of these goals with flying colors! I do feel awesome, I'm choosing meats and veggies over sweets and breads, I'm more relaxed with my eating and fitenss yet still committed and working towards a goal, and I dropped back into my normal weight range (low 160's). I even have lost the urge to weigh on the scale daily, I feel great and am pleased with the way I look so the scale doesnt even concern me. THIS in itself is a huge win! 


So, in keeping January's momentum, I'm going to structure my February challenge as such:


  • Maintain Paleo30 principles shooting for 85% adherence or less than 21 deviations
  • Crossfit 3x a week totalling 11 times
  • Log only deviations from the plan in MFP and on this blog page
  • Rewards
    • Half Way Through Compliance: new lingerie Feb.14th
    • Finish wih 100% Compliance: new lulu speed shorts Feb. 28th
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I'm not concerned with the scale anymore, the last 5-8 lbs I origionally wanted to lose is silly since I'm really happy with how I look and this is a comfortable weight to easily maintain. So, I will not be stepping onthe scale until the end of the month (if at all) and I anticipate I'll stay below 165 lbs pretty easily.
I'm also over logging. When I stick to my plan I'm excellent at judging calories and macors. I'ts when I diverge from the plan that bad things happen. So, this month I will only be logging deviations from my usual paleo-ish diet.  I've tried not logging at all and that didn't work for me since I wasn't aware of how many treats I was having so by logging treats I'll be more aware of them. Hopefully this will be a good baby step towards diet independance from MFP. MFP is awesome, but I'm working on sustainability here and logging every damn thing I consume isn't a lifetime thing. I need to be able to stick to my diet yet enjoy sensible treats in moderation with out constantly stressing. So, hopefully this will be a step in the right direction! 



Day 1: Fries (lesson learned: pack your lunch since you make stupid choices when hunger is doing all the rationalization...) 

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bluiz13 wrote 62 months ago:
i love your plan of only logging unplanned EXTRAS...i hope to one day get there just makes sense...if you know what you should eat and you eat what you should why would you need to log it....keeping track of the EXTRAS is the only priority in order to reduce those down....just love it and am sooo happy to have you as my friend to give me so many great ideas...oh and happy baby making :)
oddyogi wrote 62 months ago:
Yaaaay go you! :-)
MOOOSEEE3 wrote 62 months ago:
Great plan Cass. With your dedication and determination you'll pull through like a champ and get that lingerie and shorts
sufikitkat wrote 62 months ago:
I love it! I wish I could reward myself with purchases and stuff, it is the one thing missing from my journey! I still own many clothes that are too big or years old and my gym attire is limited and often gets febreezed in between laundro mat visits lol. I am also going to only log when I feel I went outside my boundaries. Logging has become more of a burden because I eat basically the same stuff and know my limits. Good luck Cass!!
00trayn wrote 62 months ago:
This is a great plan! I've realized that I can't log forever either, but it's incredibly hard to go cold turkey. I like the idea of logging when I'm outside my usual healthy eating. I mean, I honestly eat nearly the same thing Mon-Fri with very little deviation so that part is definitely not the problem. And I am in LOVE with that pink embroidered lingerie set from VS! I've been eying it every time I walk in the store, but I'm not allowed to get it. I have the black and red flower embroided bra set from the Fall already...
jknoell wrote 62 months ago:
I'm in love with your organization! I can't wait to get going on my organization too! Thanks for your AWESOME posts!

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