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Energy! Finally (16 weeks) + PIcs

Its taken forwever it seems to reach the second trimester and all of the "energy" that comes with it. Now, by "energy" I don't mean the usual enthausam of my pre-pregnancy days. But, rather, my first thought upon waking finally wasn't "when can I squeeze in a nap today?"!!!

Some recent developments include


  • The purchase (and obsession) with Maternity Wear. Seriously worth the ridiculious price tag for these jeans! Belly bands are okay, but near as functional as just buying the pants with the sewn on elastic belly area...
 photo CE2A0B7F-B97A-4852-B431-1135B22391BA.jpg
  • I have a visible baby bump!!! (Also, proof that I do actually put my feet up from time to time)


 photo FB78E756-F298-4B76-9517-7228CD5C9455.jpg


  • Here is our formal announcement for Miss. E. (we aren't announcing her name until she graces us with her prescence in November.) 


 photo 86FC35DA-DC48-43FE-B34B-E8542B516FA0.png

Per my usual self, I have some serious goals for this week:

1. Get my eating back in check. For the past few weeks, nothing has seemed particurarly appetizing and I haven't been successful at cooking. I haven't had cravings (thank god), but food aversions are just as bad! Needless to say, I've eaten out way more than I'd like and don't feel so great. So, yesterday I went grocery shopping and got all sorts of yummy foods for the week! I was also able to eat ribs yesterday which is a feat since I've been unable to tollerate straight up meat unless it was in a tortillia/bun/salad for the past few weeks. I'm so excited to be able to eat the main portion of my mostly-paleo/primal diet again! Here are my meals for the week:


  • Cass' Beanless Crock Pot Chili (its in the crock right now!)
  • Pork Tenderloin and Green Beans
  • Paleo Breaded Chicken and Rice with Peas
  • Lunches: salad and left overs 


This isn't to say I cant have a few treats in moderation, of course.

 photo 3F98EC47-970E-4625-8B53-87EF6EB8D1A4.jpg

2. Finish preparing for my first Tri this weekend (including ample rest beforehand). I didn't get to do my Tri Practice yesterday because of Father's Day activities and errands, so I'll have to make due with out.


  • Monday: Run (at lunch), Crossfit, Quick Bike Ride (3 mi)
  • Tuesday: Swim (at lunch), Crossfit
  • Wednesday: REST (traveling for work)
  • Thursday: Bike, Swim, Crossfit
  • Friday: REST
  • Saturday: REST
  • Sunday: TRI DAY!!!! Swim 300 m, Run 3 mi, Bike 10 mi 


 photo 12E20D2D-7740-4681-A692-E193E80B306B.jpg

 photo FBE69654-9CB4-4841-B56A-275D50E3298D.jpg

3. Sleep at least 8 hours each night. This is important to keep my energy up but also because I've found myself nesting at night and keeping myself up later than usual. At least I'm a crafty nester. I just need to make sure I priortize sleep.

 photo 0FC5B0AC-E7B3-4721-82D2-4230DA7C92FC.jpg

 photo 01B77586-56E1-447C-8396-88BAD982F83F.jpg

 photo 198E4BA3-2838-4110-932B-7787C316EFD1.jpg

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deeannhill wrote 44 months ago:
Ooh, somebody went to Aggie Outfitters! Congrats & Gig 'em!
SimplyDenyse wrote 44 months ago:
Love it!! I really love the quilt!!
oddyogi wrote 44 months ago:
Congrats girl.. but I'm so jelly. I'm getting so anxious when every month goes by and we're not preg..

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