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Keto Cheesecake

I tried this recipe that I found on reddit / keto over the weekend.  It came out real good.


  • Almond meal (or grind up your own almonds if you like a coarser base)
  • Melted butter

  • 500g cream cheese at room temp

  • 4 eggs
  • Vanilla extract
  • Lemon juice
  • Sugar substitute of your choice

Make the base:

  1. You'll need enough almond meal to cover the base of the pan at your preferred thickness, it's up to you. I love almonds so I made my base super chunky.

  2. Mix in enough melted butter so that the almond meal is coated but not soggy. Resist the urge to use too much, go pour the rest of that butter over some asparagus.

  3. Press the almond and butter mix into the base of your greased pan/tray and pop it in the fridge to firm up while you make your filling.

  4. Pop your oven onto 180 degrees Celsius to pre-heat.  350 Farenheit.

Whip up the delicious filling:

  1. Mix your cream cheese with sugar substitute, vanilla extract and lemon juice to taste. Be aware that you still haven't mixed in the eggs so make it a tiny bit sweeter and strongly flavoured than you want your end result to be. Try to have a bit more self control than I have and don't eat the filling.

  2. Blend the eggs into the mixture and pour out over your base.

  3. Did you pre-heat that oven? If you did, put your cheesecake-to-be in for 45 minutes or until firm. If not, you have to wait even longer for your cheesecakey awesomeness.

Here are some of my pics:

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annabellj wrote 68 months ago:
that looks so good but i would not be able to stop at one piece, i hope you enjoyed it, do you know the stats on it?
Kymmu wrote 68 months ago:
That is fantastic, thanks for the info.
Kymmu wrote 68 months ago:
Mine has just come out of the i have to wait for it to cool!
alanaosu wrote 68 months ago:
I found your source Kymmu!

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