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My Someday Box is Gone!

Over the years I was boxing away clothes that just did not fit me anymore. I accumilated a huge box clothes, ranging from shirts, pants, dresses, and skirts.

My husband kept telling me to get rid of them. He couldn't understand WHY on Earth I would keep clothing that I didn't or couldn't wear. I called it my "someday" box. It has sat in the garage for years. I've visited that box a couple times before only to be set in further disappointment and disguist to find that they still... did not fit.

Well, this last Saturday I decided it was now or never. I am at my lowest weight, and have kept it off- if these darn clothes don't fit me now... i'm getting rid of them!

Opened the box.... grabbed the first thing and put it on. IT FIT!?!! That had to be a fluke... tried on another, that fit also! The only thing I could say was, Oh my God! I got about half way through the box before I literally started shaking from shock and disbelief. Not only was everything fitting, some things were now TOO BIG! I had to take a DEEP breath to continue on the rest of the box... 

I was in complete disbeleif. Every single piece of clothing I had saved, fit me once again- and looked better than I ever remember. I used to dress SO nicely... then as my weight went up, my self-esteem went down. I felt like I was too fat and didnt deserve nice clothes. This was the absolute best experience... better than shopping for new clothes.I realized why I never let go of that box... it was because getting rid of it was like giving up completely. SO glad I didn't!

Now, about 5-7 years later... I say this with absolute joy and pride...






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mishkat wrote 70 months ago:
Woohoo!!!!!! Great job mama. Another great reward for all your hard work plus a lot of money saved xD
evansproudmama wrote 70 months ago:
Sooo awesome!! I cant wait for this day!! So motivating you must feel amazing!! COngrats girl!!
ShannonMpls wrote 70 months ago:
Congrats :)
TonyaB_WhoGonStopMe wrote 70 months ago:
I am so proud of my friend! You worked hard, and it paid off! :)) <333 xoxo
paeli wrote 70 months ago:
I love this post so much! I am sooo happy for you!!! :)
KickassAugust wrote 70 months ago:
I kinda understand how your feeling.. Isn't it just the best feeling in the world? So proud of you woman!
Giovannismom wrote 70 months ago:
Oh I loved this post.... it's a great motivator for me... GREAT JOB and enjoy all your "NEW" clothes!!! :-)
Barbellsandthimbles wrote 70 months ago:
Someday is today!! So proud of your accomplishments, both physically and mentally!
ktfitzgerald wrote 70 months ago:
alli_dalli wrote 70 months ago:
You are SUCH an inspiration to me. I have 25 lovely dresses that I used to adore and I've had to put them away too. I've only been on MFP for 6 weeks but now I'm really going to work at it. Well done!!
kcthatsme wrote 70 months ago:

I soooo LOVE THAT! Sniff sniff...
luv_lea wrote 70 months ago:
I love this! Congrats!!
ShannonBas wrote 70 months ago:
Amazing! So inspiring. Congratulations on your hard work!
akirla wrote 70 months ago:
Congratulations! That is really awesome. I've got a box like that somewhere .. I hope to get that same feeling one day :)
VogtAndrea wrote 70 months ago:
Good Going! I was just looking in my closet at my "not yet" clothes and feeling like I might not get there any time real soon. I WILL get there though.
o2bADyer wrote 70 months ago:
What a great feeling, isn't it??!?? Congrats!!!
smcesko wrote 70 months ago:
That is AWESOME!! Way To Go!!!!!!!!
allinoelle007 wrote 70 months ago:
Too exciting! I have some clothes I would like to wear again too so this gives me hope that I will once again wear them!
JamesterCK wrote 70 months ago:
That's amazing, so happy for you! This give me hope; I also have a someday box and I look at it every once in a while, trying to remember what it was like to wear those clothes. I'm determined to fit into them once again.
happypath101 wrote 70 months ago:
I have a t-shirt from Grade 9. GRADE NINE!!! I kept it for years and the day I could fit back into again was awesome. Your blog reminded me of that. I sometimes wear it to floor-hockey. It makes me feel like Gretsky. Better actually. :O)

misscarissak wrote 70 months ago:
I LOVE this!!! I know that feeling of not dressing as nice because of your size. My sister recently said to me "what happened to my stylish, hot sister?", when I told her that I planned to wear jeans and a baggy blouse to her 30th. I hate not being able to wear beautiful clothes because of my size. I've realised that I don't spend much money on myself at ALL anymore, as I'm always thinking "what's the point? you're going to look terrible anyway!". It's posts like these that give me the inspiration and motivation to keep going! Good on you!!!! :D
selma09 wrote 70 months ago:
You gave me goose bumps! I'm soo happy for you! You are a beautiful person masha'allah! You have been such an inspiration. I think everyone has a someday box, whether its filled with clothes, hopes, dreams or whatever it may be you have showed us that someday is a possibility. Mwah! Grat job!
ericsfitmama wrote 70 months ago:
That's awesome!! I started myfitnesspal a couple weeks AFTER getting rid of all my pre-pregnancy clothes! Now I've lost 25lbs and look even better than I used to (and that was 4 kids and 8 years ago). And now I have a big ole stack of size 12, 14 and 16 pants that are set to donate!! I want to go shopping but I'm still losing so am waiting!!
LaraBoBara wrote 70 months ago:
That's awesome, what a great story!!
loadsandloads wrote 70 months ago:
This is awesome!
angel101netta wrote 70 months ago:
Yay awesome!
silverbacktrainer wrote 70 months ago:
Good job! Maybe u could give me a few pointers on how to reach my goals?...
deckers67 wrote 70 months ago:
Oh, I so love this post! Can't wait to echo it !!
CanuckLove wrote 70 months ago:
Awww gives me goosebumps! Good for you!!
JenMichigan wrote 70 months ago:
This is so motivating. Congrats!
Doordie wrote 70 months ago:
YAY!!! Congrats! I KNOW you feel great :)

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