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Just Give It 20 Minutes!

After unpacking my summer clothes on Friday night and realizing that several of my favorite dresses and shorts DIDN'T FIT, I started getting all pissed off again. Everything was fine last summer, and then I let things go.

So I channeled my anger and annoyance and decided that even though it was 7pm and I wasn't planning on working out (and I wonder how i gained like 15 lbs!, duh...), I'm gonna go workout for 25 minutes and just GET IT DONE! I did a level of the 30 Day Shred (forgot how much that one hurts!) and I felt better. A lot better actually.

I started thinking back to 4 years ago when I was so gung ho about losing weight. I was working out 6 days a week. But not every single day was for an hour by any means. I just had it planned that no matter what, I would workout. 20-25 minutes is enough to get my HR up and kick my metabolism into gear, especially since the workout videos I have for 25 minutes are either the 30 Day Shred or the HIIT workouts from Turbo Fire. Definitely not slacking off during those short workouts! But I felt much better and it wasn't too hard to fit it into my schedule.

I used to work out every Saturday morning before eating lunch and venturing over to my boyfriend's place for the weekend. That went out the window in the last year or so, mainly because I was too lazy. But this past Saturday, I woke up, ate my Cheerios, and did another 30 Day Shred level for 25 minutes. Then I went to walk around the mall... hehe. Productive exercise! But that 25 minutes barely made a dent in my schedule for the day, but i felt SO much better!

So here's the new game plan. JUST GET IT DONE! Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are my definitely gym days (usually Friday too). I can definitely workout from home for 25-30 minutes on Saturdays.  I have class from 6-9pm on Wednesdays, so I'll likely be coming home, eating a really late dinner, showering and going to bed. But 5 days a week is better than 3 lazy ones!

Hopefully this helps get me moving in the right direction. I've been better about food too lately, now that my month of traveling every weekend is over. I'm not going anywhere until the first weekend of June. I really want my clothes to fit. My favorite dress, a beautiful patchwork Lilly Pulitzer pattern makes me look like a sausage.  I really want to be able to wear it again at some point this summer! Same for my bikinis... I hate resorting to my tankinis. I have all of May to get things going.... I just have to stick to it!

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