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I'm Shrinking!!

My shopping trips in the past few weeks have been more awesome than usually, it seems I've dropped another size and then some. I've been wearing size 14 pants and size L or XL shirts. But  I tried on size 12 Gap jeans yesterday and they fit! And I bought a size 12 skirt from Old Navy and J.Crew! I finally got some new tank tops from the Gap, they're fitted so I got two in XL and two in L, but I was wearing an XXL before. And the craziest thing was that I got a size SMALL top in Michael Kors! It was a bit of a flowy top, but the size small looked good. And even crazier, I got size 10 jeans from Tommy Hilfiger!!! SIZE 10!!!! I've never even worn a 12 before, so when the size 10 fit, I nearly died.  They're a bit snug, but they'll fit great in a few weeks  The bikini was super exciting, but all these smaller clothes are just as awesome. I had a fun shopping trip at the outlet mall. I just need to slow my spending on clothes a bit, my monthly budget is half gone already... lol. But for $150, I ended up with 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of denim shorts, 4 Gap tank tops, 1 skirts from J.Crew, 1 top from J.Crew, and 1 top from Michael Kors. I'm happy :)

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maryann73 wrote 92 months ago:
You go girl! You deserve it after all your hard work!
aymetcalf wrote 92 months ago:
this is so great! I can't wait to buy new clothes! Woooooooooo.....
NewMe80xoxo wrote 92 months ago:
You are rocking!
wiseg2 wrote 92 months ago:
You're doing great! I'm so glad that all your hard work is paying off. You deserve to be happy.
OlenaS wrote 92 months ago:
Wow, that is fantastic! You should post pics in all your new clothing :)

I can't wait till I get there, too. I lost 4 lbs so far, and most of my skirts have elastic, so it is ok (I seldom wear pants). But my 2 denim skirts are feeling looser now :) :)
greerv72 wrote 92 months ago:
I loved reading this!!! Congratulations to you! You deserve some special treatment! :) Thanks for being an inspiration.
ATXrunner wrote 92 months ago:
Keep it up! =) What an inspiration!

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