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A New Mindset

When I first started out, I was so dead set on hitting 140 lbs that the scale was the entire focus of measuring my progress. It was 75 lbs away from where I was starting and it seemed like 200 lbs. And then I managed to get myself within 8 lbs of that goal. But I didn't expect to completely stall out before reaching it! I wasn't even a healthy weight by BMI standards, so why was my body being stubborn?

Well, after a year of soul searching, or at least answer searching, I've finally found a reason. Who the bleep cares! BMI is total crap. Does it take into account that I've got quite a bit of lean muscle? NOPE! Or the fact that I fit into size 6 even though I'm considered now 10-15 lbs overweight? NOPE! It's all crap... haha. I might be 5'2.5", but I'm a little powerhouse of muscle and determination. I don't recommend getting in a fight with me, I'm a fiesty one, haha.

So what it really boils down to is that when you're approaching your goal weight, that number is pretty much garbage. I know there are definitely women out there who do hit the number they set for themselves, but there are a bunch of others like me that don't. And that probably shouldn't. I'm not going to starve myself, cut out my strength training, and give up the things I enjoy just to reach a specific number. So I'm focusing on my waist and hip measurements, body fat percentage, and most importantly, how smokin' I look in my clothes and swim suits. Whether it's at 150 lbs, 155 lbs, or by some miracle I got down into the 140s, I'll survive.

But does this mean I'm never stepping on the scale again? Definitely not! I can't give that up, because it does help me stay in check. If I see the number jump up 2 lbs, I know it's because I let myself go a bit too much, or I'm super sore from a workout. But being conscious of that number is important for me to keep moving forward. I don't ever want to go back to where I  was, and seeing the number daily is a reminder of where I am in comparison. I'm just about to finish Phase 2 of the New Rules of Lifting for Women and I'll redo measurements, and take a set of comparison pictures from 2 weeks after starting the program. I'm curious to see if I notice any changes, since I see myself all the time and don't notice if I'm really shrinking. But my jeans do fit better and my size 6 tight fitted NY&Co pants are getting more wearable. Maybe in another Phase or two I'll be able to wear them in public again. My main goal is to shrink the muffin top and pooch. That's where a large majority of my excess fat is hiding and it's gotta go, haha!

For everyone who sees the scale everyday and freaks out because it's not the number they want, please step back and reassess how you can measure your progress. It's honestly taken over a year for me to get to this point, and I still beat myself up often over making the wrong decisions. But at least I'm not shooting for an unobtainable goal anymore.

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LaurnWhit wrote 72 months ago:
Awesome mindset!!! Same here with the scale!
KWake1 wrote 72 months ago:
The scale is merely one tool out of dozens of other to assess health. Measurements, endurance/strength tests, Cholesterol levels etc can mean so much more.
Jena_72 wrote 72 months ago:
Your my favorite rocket scientist :-)
getsveltEagain wrote 72 months ago:
I think that you are awesome!!! You have taken the time to figure it all out and stick with it. I recently changed my focus from the number on the scale... it is helping me see the bigger picture! You were my first friend on this site because I started were you started, I was about your height (one inch taller), and I (at the time) wanted to lose half the weight you already had!? Now I have been encouraged to go further with my goals and make my goals work for me because of insight like yours.... THANK YOU!
A_New_Horizon wrote 72 months ago:
Well said, I needed the reminder today. I have hit 2 goal weights (140 and 135), but have gone back up thanks to a new anti-depressant to keep me mental stable for the time being. It is depressing, but I will get back into the 30's again at some point. I have also started to do more strength training which I know will increase the #. I guess I just needed the reminder that the # isn't everything - thanks for reminding me.
Ding724 wrote 72 months ago:
I set my "goal weight" based on my current body fat % and what I want it to be!!! You are so right...the scale only tells a little tiny part of the whole story! Keep it up girl! You are rockin' it day-in and day-out! I actually gave up my scale for the month of may so I can listen to my body and watch my measurements...that dang scale can just gather dust for awhile while I figure out what's best for ME! I was completely obsessed with my "BMI" for a long time. The last time I checked it I think it was 22.6? I don't even know anymore...because I don't care! It's about how we feel and how we look. Anyways, great post. Love ya!
SYLVIALYNN1 wrote 72 months ago:
pam4413 wrote 72 months ago:
Raquel Welch, heart throb of the 70's, 80's at one point in time stated she never stepped on a scale. She let her clothes be her judge for weight. If her jeans got sung she knew she need to lose. Even at 71 today she is beautiful.
pam4413 wrote 72 months ago:
OOps. That is...If her jeans got snug she knew she needed to lose.
harley_rose wrote 72 months ago:
Just wanted to say thanks.. Back in April I was not at my goal weight of 140 as well.. I was 10lbs from hitting it.. I got all depress..I stopped stepping on the scales weekly... stopped logging my foods.. One month later feel better about myself.. Yup I noticed that my pants are feeling a little bit tighter, so I can making the effort to pay attention to my eating habits. Start exercising in the evening again, plus started the run, walk, run on my lunch.. I still haven't stepped on those scales for the I know how good I feeling not judging myself based on the number on the scales
Dalejr wrote 72 months ago:
This is exactly what I have needed! Thank you...
harlanJEN wrote 72 months ago:
Absolutely ! You got it ! I've had the exact same experience .... the scale is a tool. BMI is a tool. Neither is the end all -be all.
moskinnny wrote 72 months ago:
well said.......thank you for sharing.

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