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Heathrow, FL
"Obesity is our adversary. __ Let us do battle !!!!. ©2010, Les Mills Int"

About Me:

would gain weight every winter and then loose 20+ lbs every summer playing tennis. Shoulder gave out no more tennis ,, got fat,,, hurt back,, no more karate class,,, got obese.. feet problems got real bad... now I am trying to count calories started MFP 2/27/12@ 276lb.
First time I ever dieted more than a month.
First time I lost more than 15 lbs on a diet.

Why I want to get in shape

foot problems,,, not having surg and crutches at 285 lbs 5'10"
tan line necklace (from neck roll)

My Inspirations

  • pant sizes 50 , 48, 46,44, GONE 42, 40 still in closet.
  • I fit in a regular sized seat on the roller coasters. Oh happy day. 9/15/12
  • First 50 lbs GONE 10/9/12


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