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66 years old
Mexico City, DF
"I still want to dance Flamenco"

About Me:

Please, if you would like to befriend me, let me know why in a sentence or two. Unfortunately I have had to reject requests , because people had nothing in their profile page and also did not bother to even write me a tiny little note.....:o). I am looking for frinds who have to say more than " WTG " and promise to give more than three word support also.

I am originally from Germany, but have spent the last 37 years in a variety of countries working in International Humanitarian Aid.
I grew up as an orphan and after a failed marriage have now lived alone again for 22 years. I have no children of my own.
I have not had weight problems until menopause when I also lost my thyroid and gained some weight, childhood RA flared up and I was diagnosed on Nov2, 2011 with rampant systemic Lupus. Due to high doses of cortisone and with that a fair amount of self pity eating I have gained an additional 24 kilos( around 50 pounds ) and would like to lose those.

Why I want to get in shape

I live alone and am my only caretaker and want to be fit.

My Inspirations

  • Being the best 65-70 year old I can be ! I
  • also want to get back to Flamenco dancing, like before I got sick.


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