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27 years old
Silverhill, AL
"Hi there!"

About Me:

Hi, I'm AmberJade. This is the second time I've actually seriously dieted, although for the past 6 years or so I would start for a week then go back to eating everything in sight. the first time I lost 20 pounds and then quit. This is the longest I have stuck with anything really,
1st: 299 (lol under 300 :P) by Friday, July 27, 2012 DONE!! Achieved 298 on 07/12/2012
2nd,07/15/2012: 275 by Mid-october which is 23 pounds away!! (done 10/19/2012)
3rd, 10/19/2012: 250 no date here,

Super Ultra Goal: 170

Why I want to get in shape

To look good, and feel good. :O

My Inspirations

I haven't filled this out yet.


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  • Ellipticals!

    Mon 08/19/13 03:41PM Ha that is funny, I think I'm gonna save up a bit more money and buy a good one that will last a while. Although I am currently hating...

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