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31 years old
Eastrop Ward, EN
"Party Freak 2 Health Geek"

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UPDATE II: I do not log the weights of what I lift anymore as I always push to max and was spending ages logging x number of reps at y weight etc etc hence the zero progression over last few months. My actual workouts have continued to increase and become more challenging. Also the haribo I am eating post work out is not a mistake, I have read several articles which recommend them to spike insulin and increase protein uptake rather than taking other supplements, worth a try if I get to eat sweets regularly :D

UPDATE: I'M A MACHINE!!! I DON'T CARE IF IT'S SNOWING, RAINING, DROPPING DOWN WITH HAIL, IF I'M HANGING, IF IT'S XMAS, NEW YEAR DAY BLAH BLAH BLAH... MY WORKOUTS GET DONE, MY PROTEIN GOALS GET HIT. (As I write this I am hung over and had a few hours sleep on a floor, it's snowing outside and icy as my freezer. No excuses. No complaints. No problem.)

In 2010 I signed up to do a 5k charity run. After I finished, the bug had truely bitten me. I signed up within a week to do a triathlon and raised money for a local special needs school despite having no swimming experiance or even owning a wet suit or bike. It was a tough 3 months of training all 3 disaplines but I finished the race. Straight after I decided to organise something a little bigger, settling on the '3 Peaks' - climbing the biggest mountain in Scotland, then the biggest in England and then the biggest in Wales, all in under 24 hours this time raising for a local hospice. I organised a team of 12 of friends and friends of friends to take part and drive, sorted out minibuses etc only to have the weather let us down and having to rebook 2 months after. We beat this challenge in July 2012. Next I am organising a 5 day unguided cross country Nordic ski tour for March 2013. Never to keep it simple, obviously I have zero ski experiance, should be interesting! (£2,500+ raised so far, hoping to double the total with the next event, fingers crossed)

This is a million miles away from the 16 stone center of the party action I was just a couple of years ago. Don't get me wrong, I still let my (very limited) hair down but this is my priority.

This year (2012) has been first year I havent woken up on xmas with a hangover in what must be a decade and instead I was in the gym at 7.30am, on christmas day. Big landmark for me. Also managed on xmas eve and boxing day.

Why I want to get in shape

I think there are so many awesome things to do out there some times I get totally overwhelmed and have to pull myself back. Events, especially as those above being for charity help me keep focus. I know both my team, my sponsorers and the charity are relying on me so I can't let them down, I have to stay fit to perform at optimum levels.

A manager I worked with in June 2012 was a 15 year body builder and put a plan together for me. It was very rough and needed a million tweaks to make it fit me but it really got me into a good routine at the gym.

PS I am not looking to lose weight and if anything expect my weight to stay around level or even increase while I add muscle to my frame. I don't want to get huge but maybe add couple inches on arms/shoulders/legs and reach a single digit BF% within first half of 2013.

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