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44 years old
"I am the Thunder, the hail,and the fire. Do not fear me, but fear my wrath!"

About Me:

When I am not tending to responsibilities I like to watch Anime, read manga and manhwa, watch any kind of fantasy - superhero show or movie that I can get a hold of. I love cosplay and players. I love horror films but most of my lore is in the 80's....Freddy, Jason, Pinhead etc. I liked saw, but not into torture porn.

I like to interact with my friends. I do not talk fitness all the time. I believe a strong social bond is as important as shared fitness goals.

Why I want to get in shape

To scare the crap out of the punks who will try to date my daughter in 10 years. Nothing says keep your hands to yourself than a father who looks like he will make you dig your own grave.

My Inspirations

  • My Dad. He fought like hell the last two years.
  • Even though in the end he lost, I know he earned his place in Valhalla.


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