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45 years old
Miamisburg, OH
"Quality of life change"

About Me:

Disclaimer: Just a warning I am not a two dimensional character. I am a real adult and as such will fall short from time to time. Be that in my goals or in living up to others image of me; I will fall short. I am serious, I am playful, and everything in between. I do enjoy adult conversations and no area is taboo.

I work with Medical Imaging equipment.
Until recently I was a Field Service Engineer that spent a lot of his day on the road, and had little time for anything except on weekends.
I was a Virginia State Judo Champion and an East Coast Jiu-jitsu champion many years ago. I allowed my time on the road to get the better of me.
I have used HIIT to lose a lot of weight.

After completing a Spartan Race, I realized I need to get stronger so......

Currently Lifting 5x5

Why I want to get in shape

I want to regain my usable strength and shed the unwanted flab. This will improve my quality of life and simply make my day to day life better.

My video blog is at:

My Inspirations

  • Being happy when I look in a full length mirror naked.
  • Clear the Spartan race 10' wall without help.
  • To be mistaken for a stripper.


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