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34 years old
Milwaukee, WI
"Giving up is not an option."

About Me:

My Passion:

My name is Diane.

MFP Journey began on Feb 10th, 2010
HW: 330+
SW: 313 (Pictures of me in the black & red)
Height: 5'8"

In my whole life, I have never known what it is like to be at a healthy weight. I weighed 120lbs already at age 8 and in a size 18 at age 13. My highest weight of 330 was when I was 21 yrs old. I have constantly tried to lose weight. Sometimes I was successful, but it never stayed off. I would try anything and everything, but as I now know, dieting doesn't work for me. This needs to be a lifestyle change for me, not a quick fix. And I used to think food restriction was a good way to lose weight. Boy was I wrong! It would just lead me right back to bingeing and undo all the progress I had made. I now know that I am a food addict and I am going to spend every day from here on out conquering my addiction. One day at a time!

I am trying to find a happy medium so that I can really make this a lifestyle change. I have to pay very close attention to balanced nutrition and find ways to deal with my emotions instead of turning to food to stay on track. I need to be very aware of my behavior with food so that I can learn how to conquer my addiction. Using MFP has helped me with this journey so much. I need a good support system and I've found that here.

In November 2012 I was down 79lbs total, and then the next 6 months following that I gained 40 of them back. I am now trying to re-lose that weight plus more.

Why I want to get in shape

I want to be healthy and strong. I want to have a good relationship with food. I want to learn to incorporate exercise into my daily life and not feel like it is always a chore. I want to learn new behaviors that will allow me to live a life free from compulsive food addiction. I want to stop hating myself.

My Inspirations

  • I want to like the way I look.
  • I do not want to end up using a walker or a wheelchair.
  • I want to decrease my chances of developing cancer and cardiac issues.
  • My healthy 80+ year old Grandpa.


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