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20 years old
Leeds, England, WA
"Getting ready for summer!"

About Me:

[ X ] 245lbs
[ X ] 235lbs
[ X ] 225lbs
[ X ] 215lbs
[ X ] 205lbs
[ X ] 200lbs
[ X ] 195lbs - Target weight!
[ X ] 190lbs!!!
[ ] 185lbs
[ ] 180lbs
[ ]175lbs
[ ]170lbs

Why I want to get in shape

Why I want to get in shape? Well, long story short I want to look better. I don't like how I look topless and for years I have been bullied by my weight. Every girl I've ever been with has gone off me at some point and just made me feel a bit more shit about my weight but here is where I change. I've always been the kid who loves sports but is always the slow one and the one who comes last. That stops this year.
I want to be a better person, I want to be noticed and I want to be more athletic. Hopefully I can do this by August.

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  • r/loseit!
  • bad breakup!


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    Sun 01/12/14 11:57AM Just starting my 2nd week tomorrow! If anyone wants to add me feel free!

  • Singles report here

    Sun 02/24/13 01:49PM Leeds Rhino's? Nah, Castleford tigers :P

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