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25 years old
Northridge, CA
"Fit is my goal"

About Me:

I haven't filled this out yet.

Why I want to get in shape

To feel better, for competing in boxing as well as other martial art competitions, and to increase my mental fitness (i.e. will power)

My Inspirations

  • Martial Arts
  • The Opposite Sex
  • Enjoyment Level of life
  • Shirts and Jeans are both too tight


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  • Are you a good kisser?

    Fri 04/26/13 02:47AM I believe the term is world renown.

  • Under My Calorie Goal

    Mon 04/01/13 04:29AM My goal is to drop about 40lbs for boxing in total. Yes I have been training a lot lately bump up from about 8 hours a week to 15ish (sta...

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