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""For Me, For My Health !!! ""

About Me:

If you read my first "about You" , Then you know I have been a "YoYo" all my life. Anywhere from 125# to 280#. I have been on every diet available. I had contemplated By Pass surgery. Started the process and decided no. I am so happy I did. I started MFP ( as an extra tool) in January of this year. So far I have lost 41 pounds. I feel terrific ! Don't get me wrong, I have had my fair share of set backs.( Which could have been disastrous If I had By Pass). So I am Happy with my decision. MFP is a huge Help. I am accountable for everything I eat. My friends on here keep me in line (lol) boy do they. They are all fantastic! I love them all!
I'm off & running into the next 9 months!

If you send a friend request, please tell me a little bit about yourself, and what thread caught your attention that I replied to?
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<<<< I HAVE A BLOG>>>
Random Thoughts & Ramblings
My Blog: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/blog/1stday13
January - 2013
February -2013
March - 2013
August- 2013

Why I want to get in shape

To improve my health.
To look better and feel better about myself.
And my adult kids tell me they want me around for a long time ;)

GOALS*************** REWARDS

-25# =5/5/2013
-30# =7/20/2013 _________ 1) = Mystery dinner theater
-40# =8/26/2013__________ 2) = Pres. Bush Library
-50# = 1/2/2014
-60# 1/2 way there!!! __________ 3) = SPA DAY!!
-75# ___________ 4) =
-85#___________ 5) = Buy new Sweats
-95# __________ 6) = Get carpets cleaned
-105#__________ 7) = NEW CLOTHES
-120# YAY!!!__________ 8) = Go do something

**8/31/2013 Haven't done any of the rewards yet, but I will!

***************************************Cruise,Road Trip??
1) Clean My Ceilings & Walls & Blinds=done---- -6) Find Job
2) Fix & accent color paint wall ------ - 7) Sort,Pitch&clean
3) Taxes Done ---- Spare Room
4) Start Painting Again------ - -
8) Eyes ck&glasses
5) Get paper work turned in ------- - 9)

My Inspirations

  • My Health
  • Energy to keep up with myself and all the things I want to do!
  • To buy clothes in "Ladies" instead of "Womens Plus"
  • 3/12/13- To be able to do the the Color Run this fall.!!


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